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A Thought on Multiverses

So I was contemplating the thought of a multiverse this week (for those of you who don’t know, a multiverse is a scenario in which our universe is just one part of many more universes). A lot of ideas sprang to mind, most notably revolving around string theory, the big bang, and black holes. String theory states that there are many more dimensions than the four we experience (up/down, forward/backward, left/right, and time), somewhere around 9-11 dimensions! So what can those dimensions be?

There are a few theories out there that say our universe lies on one of an infinite number of sheets. These sheets could be one of the dimensions that we do not see. When these sheets collide a huge amount of energy is released, aka The Big Bang. This energy spreads over the sheet creating the universe we live in.
Now here is one of my crazy ideas. Lets say that the sheet we live on is not infinite in size. After so many billions of years the energy waves should bounce around and interact with each other. I don’t know if this is possible to find, but it sounds plausible.

Next are black holes. If we live on sheets then maybe these black holes are tears in the fabric and connect our sheet to another. Perhaps a black hole on our sheet has such a strong gravitational attraction that it pulls nearby sheets closer. Then they touch. And bam, another Big Bang is born. All the matter that a black hole has ate has to go somewhere, and the perfect place for it to go is a different universe.

These are just a few wild speculations that I have thought of over the last few days. They are in no way a complete theory on anything. Just a wild guess on the nature of the universe. I’m just an amateur astronomer after all!



Quantum Consciousness

I was reading about some weird physics theories online. Quantum Consciousness came up. It states that classical physics cannot currently account for consciousness and being self aware. Now physics is supposed to be the rules of the universe. Yet it can’t explain how people are self aware. Weird right!!! However quantum mechanics may be able to explain this phenomena. Problem is we don’t have a good grasp on quantum mechanics.

We just recently found the higgs-boson particle that is supposed to give mass to atoms. So, let me throw some facts your way. The matter we see, the particles that make up you and me, only account for about 5% of the universe. Mind. Blown. So what accounts for the rest of the universe? Dark matter and dark energy! These are two things that we cannot see with our eyes, our telescopes, or anything else. However we know that it is out there because it has mass and gravity as well. Dark matter bends light due to its mass. When the light reaches us it’s distorted. Yet when we look for the object causing the distortion nothing is there.

English: A pie of pie chart illustrating the c...

English: A pie of pie chart illustrating the cosmological composition of the universe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So back to the higgs-boson. If we just found, and I mean literally just found, as in within a year, the particle that gives us our mass, then there are hundreds of other particles out there that give dark matter it’s mass. And we haven’t found a single one of them. So how on Earth are we supposed to understand the quantum mechanics that are going on in our own head?
I don’t really have an answer, and I can’t really expand too much more on the subject because I simply don’t know enough about it yet. But I do find this theory fascinating. Hopefully you do to. If you know of any good links or books on the subject feel free to comment!

Are We God?

Ok, so this is my first ever blog post. I’m still rather new to this concept so bare with me here.

I came up with this strange idea while I was watching “Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman” on the Science Channel. I forget exactly what episode, but I started thinking to myself; what if god isn’t one of us, what if god is all of us?
Let me lay out my reasoning behind this idea.

We, as a society, picture god (or multiple gods) as rulers and creators of the universe. They do as they see fit. They have the capacity to build the cosmos, create galaxies, stars, and planets. It is within their own power to bring forth life and let it prosper. They also have the power to destroy, to create chaos, to bring balance and justice to an otherwise delusional place. So basically god can do everything, right?

Well can’t we as humans practically do everything, if not individually, but as a whole? Think about it. We humans are nearly the ruler of every living thing on the planet. Sure, we can’t control the weather, but we can control what lives and dies in the harsh drought or the hurricane. We work together to save many species, to protect ourselves and other living things around us. We strive to bring animals back from the brink of extinction. We can create new ecosystems, hell we can even genetically engineer new life.

With this great power comes the opposite side of the coin as well. We humans, as a society, also destroy. We have the power to wipe out a small forest, to dam a river, to flatten mountains, to annihilate entire areas of world. All with the press of a button. We also slowly seep away the natural resources of our Earth. We pollute. We eat. We destroy. We contaminate. And every single one of us is involved.

So with all this power to create and destroy, doesn’t that kind of make us god in a sense? Think about it. We can do as we please (albeit with enough money and resources). We can give, and we can take. And both of those come out in our nature.

On another note, where does the concept of god come from? Is it something we all naturally think of at a certain point in life? Almost every civilization, past and present, has some sort of deity they worship. So is this thinking of god something that we will just naturally do? If the concept of god is within us then who is to say that we, ourselves, are not the god in our heads?

Once again this is just a take I had on the concept of god(s) and our role in his/her/their identity. Are we, as a species, a god? Does god even exist? I am by no means trying to imply that god does exist. Nor am I saying god is false. This is just a concept of the mind. Something to think about, whether you believe or not.