Perplexities, theories, and quandries of the mind and universe

About Me

I am an amateur astronomer, lover of physics, chemistry, biology and most other sciences. There is nothing more interesting to me than trying to discover the secrets of the universe. I love learning about everything from giant redwood trees to the life of small fish in a pond, to the planets and whatever lies beyond them. In my opinion there is no greater feeling than sharing these thoughts and ideas with others. If you have never looked at the moon or the planets through a telescope, you need to. It’s mesmerizing. It’s inspiring. I will never forget the feelings I had when I first saw the clouds on Jupiter, its four Galilean Moons. The rings on Saturn. The craters of the moon. It made me dream of all the things that are possible. I might not be able to visit the moon, or mars, or send a robot there, BUT if I can show someone the heavens through a telescope, maybe I can inspire someone else to dream big. Maybe it will inspire a kid to go to college to be an engineer, to design a robot that searches for life on Mars or Europa. Maybe I will help someone realize they want to float in space on the International Space Station. Maybe I can even go as far as jump-starting the person who will discover life in another solar system. I want to help anyone and everyone reach their goals.

I also enjoy reading and learning about philosophy. I am not religious by any means, but I want to learn more about each and every religion out there. I like to read about Descartes and Plato, Socrates, Locke, Aristotle, Marx, Locke, and many others.

I am a HUGE sports fan, my favorite being baseball, GO ROCKIES! I actually had tickets to game 5 of the 2007 world series…. Then they got swept in 4 games. Worst day ever. I also used to play basketball in my front yard, pretending to be Michael Jordan or Karl Malone. Some of my other favorite athletes of my youth include Brett Favre, Larry Walker, Dale Earnhardt, Jeff Gordon, Apollo Ohno, Shawn Johnson… and I’m sure I’m missing a few others in there.

I am also passionate about ancient history and ancient civilizations. Roman, Greek Mayan, Egyptian. They all fascinate me. I also enjoy reading fantasy novels. I take pleasure in gardening. I love nothing more than watching my plant grow and seeing my hard work pay off in the form of a fruit or vegetable that I can eat. Video games help me get through stressful times. Woodwork is also a great pastime of mine.

So that’s me, in a nutshell. I know I didn’t give a name or anything like that. So maybe if this gets really popular I will come off of the anonymous name and tell y’all who I really am. Until then, Enjoy!

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