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How Many ‘Senses’ Do We Have?

We have all heard the basic notion that everyone has five senses: the power to see, hear, taste, smell and the sensation of touching. I’m also sure that most of you have told someone clumsy that they “have no sense of balance”. Wait wait wait… That would bring our total number of senses up to six, correct? So what else out there can our body sense?

All of our senses are subject to distortions and disturbances. Have a drink and your sense of balance and sight goes haywire, along with your sense of taste ( only if you get too many drinks in, which I suggest you don’t). Our hearing declines with age, along with our sight, taste, and smell. Our ability to touch is something we have no control over, unlike other senses. We can avoid smells, close our eyes, plug our ears, but we cannot turn off our sensation of touching. So does this make it one of our ‘senses’, because our mind has no control over it? Also, on a quantum level, particles never ever touch. So in theory when we touch something we are not actually touching anything. Quite strange.

We all have a sense of balance. Some of us more-so  than others. It is something we can hone to near perfection, and also something that can dissipate without proper usage. Yet balance is something we can all relate to, like sights and sounds. And we can all clearly identify if someone other than our self is off balance. This makes it a unique trait. Because unlike sight and sound we can help others correct for it without the need of other devices. We can see those who lack a sense of balance and make amends for it. A sense of balance just seems like an integral part of human nature to me.

Also, what about time. All of us have a sense of time. And unlike our other senses, we all have a nearly (depending on age) equal sense of time. And to all of us, time moves forward. It is a sense that remains very constant in our daily lives. However it is not something we can detect in others. Yet we all know it is moving forward, at a constant pace.

So this brings our total to 7. How many other senses do you think we have? Let me know!