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Freedom Of Speech – An Opinion, A View, or A Belief

This article is something that hits home to me, and it should hit home to anyone who reads this, too.

Over the holidays one of the characters on my girlfriends favorite TV show, Duck Dynasty, was surrounded with controversy when an interview was aired. Now let me all give you some context. The Duck Dynasty crew live in the southern state of Louisiana. They are also a very religious folk. And that is perfectly okay.

Phil, who is the father of the three boys that the show follows closely, stated that he is against gay marriage. Phil stated that the bible references marriage as a bond between a man and a woman. This is Phil’s own opinion, this is his own belief. And as an American he is entitled to believe whatever he wants. As an American he can voice his opinion. His opinion is not the law. His opinion is not a decree stating what should or should not be. It is just an opinion. I myself could care less what anyone else thinks, because at the end of the day my belief’s are my own, and no one else. Everyone else should sit back and do the same. If someone voices their opinion, sit back and let them. Now I know that everyone else is giving their “opinion” on what they think of Phil, and that’s okay. But remember if you can voice ‘your’ opinion about Phil, then certainly Phil can voice his opinion about what he wants. Don’t go around “voicing your opinion” by saying “so-and-so shouldn’t voice their opinion”. That’s hypocritical. And that is something that should not be tolerated. Now just remember these are just one person’s views. He is not taking action and harming people who embrace same-sex marriage, unlike that of Mother Russia. And since Phil is taking no action against anyone, no one should take any action against him. Instead you all should riot against Russia, especially with the Olympics coming up.

This brings me to my next hot topic, abortion. Abortion is all about opinion and personal beliefs. However this is MY OPINION on the subject, and this is my opinion alone. My only action is taking to this blog to voice my opinion. Abortion is a right that should be given to the mother, no matter what the case. It is not up to any man, doctor, or religious group to determine whether or not abortion should be allowed. In fact, in most of my research, I have determined that most people who are pro-life (anti-abortion) reference the bible as their source of when life begins. That’s okay. That’s your opinion. However the bible is a religious document. The First Amendment states a separation of church and state. Now these waters can get a little murky, but in “my opinion” the government should never make the act of abortion illegal because they would be crossing the threshold of church and state. It should be up the individual, not the governing body, to decree such a belief.

And that is my opinion. Feel free to voice yours below. Just remember, don’t tell me I can’t voice my opinion. Because I can. And I will. Have a nice day.