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Quantum Consciousness

I was reading about some weird physics theories online. Quantum Consciousness came up. It states that classical physics cannot currently account for consciousness and being self aware. Now physics is supposed to be the rules of the universe. Yet it can’t explain how people are self aware. Weird right!!! However quantum mechanics may be able to explain this phenomena. Problem is we don’t have a good grasp on quantum mechanics.

We just recently found the higgs-boson particle that is supposed to give mass to atoms. So, let me throw some facts your way. The matter we see, the particles that make up you and me, only account for about 5% of the universe. Mind. Blown. So what accounts for the rest of the universe? Dark matter and dark energy! These are two things that we cannot see with our eyes, our telescopes, or anything else. However we know that it is out there because it has mass and gravity as well. Dark matter bends light due to its mass. When the light reaches us it’s distorted. Yet when we look for the object causing the distortion nothing is there.

English: A pie of pie chart illustrating the c...

English: A pie of pie chart illustrating the cosmological composition of the universe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So back to the higgs-boson. If we just found, and I mean literally just found, as in within a year, the particle that gives us our mass, then there are hundreds of other particles out there that give dark matter it’s mass. And we haven’t found a single one of them. So how on Earth are we supposed to understand the quantum mechanics that are going on in our own head?
I don’t really have an answer, and I can’t really expand too much more on the subject because I simply don’t know enough about it yet. But I do find this theory fascinating. Hopefully you do to. If you know of any good links or books on the subject feel free to comment!